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  • Development Design

    Development and Design

    Kokusan Parts Industry is dedicated to product design, molding analysis, and mold design/production that suits the needs of our customers.

  • Production System

    Production system

    Beginning with our large press machines, Kokusan Parts Industry’s high-precision production lines are designed to bring machinery and people together.

  • Guarantee of Quality

    Quality check

    Utilizing the expertise we have accumulated over the years, our goal is to continue supplying high-quality products through advanced inspections and testing systems.

Product Information

  • Cylinder head gaskets of various shapes

    Cylinder head gaskets

    Mounted between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, cylinder head gaskets are designed to prevent high-pressure, high-temperature combustion gases from escaping.

  • Gaskets of various shapes

    General-purpose gaskets

    We also offer non-metal gaskets for use in a wide variety of situations, including intake systems, exhaust systems, lubrication systems, and coolant systems.

  • Heat insulators of various shapes

    Heat insulators

    Heat insulators protect the engine by blocking and muffling heat and sounds generated by the manifold.

  • Mesh products of various shapes

    Mesh products

    Made of interwoven wire rods, mesh products are exquisitely designed products that maintain their cushioning properties even at high temperatures.