Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to society in the quest for a savvy, rich life by developing a company dedicated to creativity, trust, and sincerity

Greetings from the president

Kokusan Parts Industry’s goal is to increase interest in its products.

Portrait of Toshihiro Ito

Representative Director and President

Toshihiro Ito

Following World War II, Japan’s automobile industry was the flagship for giving people hope and dreams. Our predecessor—Kokusan Packing company, was founded in 1950 with those hopes and dreams in mind. In 1981, the company name was changed to Kokusan Parts Industry Co., Ltd. Our Kyoto Head Office was established in Ayabe City, Kyoto, in 2000, and today we have manufacturing plants in Thailand, and China. These plants mark the start of our global expansion.

Kokusan Parts Industry has achieved continued growth over the years through our main products, such as cylinder head gaskets and sound-/heat-shielding covers, by developing products that meet customer requests, and through our breakthroughs in press-processing technology including stainless-steel plates with thicknesses of 0.5 mm and less. In addition to such leaps in processing technology, we will continue the quest for increased independent global production by incorporating the characteristics and strengths of each location to other locations throughout the world. Through these efforts, it is our goal to add excitement to society and the industry, and to increase the number of individuals interested in Kokusan Parts Industry, even if by just a single person.

If there is one thing above all else that we hope to see, it is that all of our employees adopt and follow a single goal: “To strengthen the bonds between people that transcend social status.”

We have created sealing parts since the founding of our company, and the goal of these parts is to prevent leakage of fluids such as water and gas. However, if we adopt a different point of view, these parts are also connection components, and by affecting sound and heat, our sealing parts can give people comfort in driving. This idea is reflected in our management philosophy, which is to contribute to society in the quest for a richer life. At the same time, this has a direct connection to the happiness (comfort) of our employees and their families, so our mission then becomes to strengthen the bonds between society and the happiness of individuals through our production of sealing parts.

To fulfill this mission, the happiness of our employees must be complete, with the ability to empathize, share feelings with others, and co-exist seamlessly. And from that perspective, it becomes clear that our company should be a place where these three actions—empathizing, sharing, and co-existing—are fully implemented. Every one of our employees has their own history (life), but with these three actions as a pillar, we can ensure that our goal—To strengthen the bonds between people that transcend social status—can be shared by new recruits, experienced employees, and retired employees alike in order to continue being a company that helps each individual fulfill their goal.

Interview of Toshihiro Ito