Technical Information

Over the years, Kokusan Parts Industry has developed integrated systems—from development and design to production and quality assurance—to ensure we meet our customers’ needs quickly and satisfactorily.

In addition to our individual products, we actively pursue in-house design, development, and production of molds and production equipment. These pursuits have contributed greatly to improved precision and product quality, not to mention allowing for the creation of an ideal production environment in terms of process control, quality control, and cost.

Interdepartmental cooperation, including between the development and production divisions, is deep-seated. This mutual cooperation allows us to demonstrate our advanced technical capabilities, such as in trial productions for next-generation engines, earning high praise from our customers.

Integrated Systems for Increased Reliability and Assurance

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    Integrated System

    Development and Design

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    Integrated System

    Production System

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    Integrated System

    Quality Assurance