Environmental Policy

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Kokusan Parts Industry is dedicated not only to contributing to society through production of automotive engine parts and other products but also to reducing the environmental impact in all aspects of our development and production activities. By ensuring that each of our employees conducts business with careful consideration for the preservation of the global environment, we aim to become a company trusted by local communities and capable of providing our customers with safety and reliability. To realize this goal, we have established the following environmental policy in our quest for environmental conservation.

  • Basic Policy

    Kokusan Parts Industry (the Company) is dedicated to constructing, implementing, and continuously working to improve an environmental management system.

    • 1.Environmental Conservation Initiatives

      The Company strives to reduce the environmental burden in its product design and manufacturing processes.

    • 2.Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

      In consideration of the local and natural environments, the Company fully complies with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements, and other rules in its quest to prevent pollution.

    • 3.Resource and Energy Conservation Initiatives

      The Company strives to save resources and conserve energy in its corporate activities in addition to promoting a reduced environmental impact.

    • 4.Promotion of Waste Reduction and Recycling

      The Company strives to reduce waste while promoting the three R’s—reduce, reuse, and recycle—to realize a recycling-oriented society.

    • 5.Improvements to Environmental Awareness

      The Company ensures all employees undergo environmental education and training, and continuously raises awareness of environmental conservation activities.

  • Mid-term Environmental Commitment

    1. 1. Actions to a decarbonized society
    2. 2. Actions to environmental risks
    3. 3. Actions to products that consider the environment and society