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Automobiles are an indispensable component of life, and as its diversity has increased over the years, so also have the needs of engines changed in dramatic ways. In addition to increased performance, engines have gradually become higher powered and higher quality, not to mention increased demand for better weight savings, security, reliability, and a reduced environmental impact. Since its founding in 1941, Kokusan Parts Industry has continued to offer sealing parts that greatly affect engine performance and quality. We worked hard to develop a metal cylinder head gasket that contained no toxic substances, and the successful mass production of these gaskets was the first of its kind in the world.

Through the creation of its cutting-edge, advanced-technology parts—including sealing parts and heat insulators for sealing fluids such as air, combustion gas, coolant, and oil, and for blocking heat and noise—we strive to support comfortable driving of automobile engines used by people throughout the world.

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    Cylinder Head Gaskets of various shapes

    Mounted between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, cylinder head gaskets are designed to prevent high-pressure, high-temperature combustion gases from escaping. These gaskets are used for gasoline and diesel engines, so precise processing technology is required.

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    Intake/Exhaust System Gaskets of various shapes

    TYPE A

    Intake/Exhaust System Gaskets

    Our gaskets demonstrate excellent resistance to wear even when used under extreme operating conditions with high pressure and high temperatures. Designed for use in a wide variety of applications, these gaskets are effective as seals for various fluids.

    Non-Metallic Gaskets of various shapes

    TYPE B

    Non-Metallic Gaskets

    Kokusan Parts Industry’s soft gaskets can be used in a wide variety of situations, most notably intake systems, lubrication systems, and coolant systems. We select and manufacture each gasket using the optimal materials for the application, such as rubber for high-power sections.

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    Heat Insulator of various shapes

    These products both protect electrical components from heat generated by the exhaust manifold and provide high sound-insulation effects, providing a higher level of comfort within the car. The vibration-damping structure also offers enhanced durability.

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    Various Mesh Products

    Made of interwoven wire rods, mesh products are designed to maintain their cushioning properties even at high temperatures, making them ideal cushions for use with catalysts and similar applications. Our independently collected data allows us to determine the best mesh density for the usage environment, after which we produce the product in-house.